Thursday, July 28, 2011

New arrival - MVS card reader

I bought this CP for the card reader since my U4 didn't have one.

I removed the card reader only to find it was absolutely filthy and stuffed with mini cheddars

It scrubbed up OK though. I gave it a clean and straightened out a couple of bent pins. I haven't got a card to test it with yet so not sure if it works. Can't see a reason it wouldn't though

As you can see the (non-cleaned) area in the U4 it would be mounted in was looking a little empty.

And as it is now it's in place. Although I don't have a card I was looking forward to using the headphone sockets on this pcb. Unfortunately when I came to attach this lot to the mobo I saw the 4 pin headphone attachment has been ripped off the motherboard. I guess I'll need to find a replacement header and get it soldered on.

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