Sunday, July 24, 2011

Divestment 2

I got the 18 wheeler cab up and running and I've had a few credits over the last week. This was always a project for enjoyment and interest rather than something to keep. Now I've had a play with it it's time for it to move on. I've arranged to sell it to a friend cheap. He'll be using it to make a MAME driver. As such he won't be needing the naomi mobo and cart so they'll be staying with me. Not that the cart is much use without the dedicated i/o and stuff! It's all going to stay here for a couple of weeks til he comes over to collect. Hopefully I'll be having a weekend get together some time in august. More on that as and when.

My holidays have started now. To pass the time and keep me out of bother I have another few bits to be playing around with. There's the empty naomi shell, monitor and stuff I picked up a few weeks ago to piece together and I also have another two cabs on their way. One's a bit of a dog to restore for myself. The other's a non worker to revive and sell. More on them when they arrive in 10 days or so.

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