Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cyberlead update 3

I finally got this cab up and playing properly! It's not 100% done but it is 100% playable now.

I had to replace a faulty PSU in it. The 5V couldn't be adjusted to below 5.45V. These PSUs are incredibly strangely designed. The 5V pot in particular is crazily inaccessible.

The 3 voltage pots also aren't labelled. I took this pic that show's what's what.

With the voltages set correctly the jamma > jvs i/o is also working fine. Left to do with this cab:
1) install a replacement NTSC pcb
2) sort out the LED. On power up it displays "please wait". It shows that for a minute or two then goes blank
3) the monitor needs tinkering with a bit more. It's OK now but looks a bit washed out and has a few other little issues
4) get a nice Namco logo on the top above the LED to replace the mostly worn away original one

It's great to get a bit of Mr Driller in, even if it does need a bit more attention to get it totally sorted

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