Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Initial D project part 2

Next job was to sort the pedals. I took apart the microsoft pedals and had a look at the potentiometers.

Metering them across the points highlighted up there showed the are 5k ohm. That was great news since that's the same value as in sega pedals like the new old stock initial D ones I picked up last week. The microsoft ones only move through around 10 degrees, a lot smaller rotation than the sega ones but the value changes are the same.

Here are the pots in the ID pedals.

They terminate in 3 pin AMP connectors. I stripped those off along with the jack on the end of the microsoft pedal leads and (after spending a fair bit of time checking the wiring) connected up the microsoft wiring to the sega pedals with a terminal block. I took a closeup so you can see what goes where.

At some point I may swap these over to AMPs or another neat solution but it'll do for the moment.

The great news is that it works perfectly! I was pretty excited when it just worked since I'd kind of expected more of a struggle to get it sorted. They work 100% fine. a full range of values across the full play on both pedals i.e. reading of zero when not depressed, reading of 100 when fully depressed and 50 reading in the middle. These are a massive improvement over the microsoft ones.

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