Friday, October 28, 2011

One out, one in

Yesterday I said farewell to one cab and welcomed another.

The departee was the consolised ID cab. I enjoyed playing about and building it and spent a lot of time playing on it too. I should have kept track of how much forza 3 I played on it. A lot! Outrun 2 was fantastic on it too. But I did use it a little less than my stick cabs and I had the opportunity to pick up something else to take its' place so I said farewell.

So the driver left in the morning. And in the afternoon a friend and I took a trip to collect this

A Konami Windy 2. The cab is in lovely shape overall but needs a bit of work.

The cp is a repro and has a few extra buttons near the starts which I need to sort plugs for. The main issue is the monitor. The cab was originally built with a toshiba tri sync in it but that's long gone. It currently has a pentranic / rodotron trisync but the chassis on it is dead. Even when it was working the geometry was pretty poor and it had quite a bit of side compression in 15k. I need to decide whether to get the current chassis repaired or buy a replacement.

Other than that it's all great though. It plays blind and the konami jamma > jvs converter in it is working great. Stripping it down was OK but it took a bit of figuring out. I'll put a guide up soon to help anyone who has to do it.

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