Thursday, October 20, 2011

New arrivals - Candy 18 bits

A friend bought an SNK candy 18 which was in a bit of a sorry state. It had a mahjong pcb and panel and an extremely burnt monitor. He decided to put an lcd in it and wire it for naomi. Since I am a stock guy he traded me the original parts he was discarding for a bit or two I had laying around. Here are my spoils!

A nice candy 18 mahjong cp

complete (but hacked) candy 18 loom with mahjong adapter, coin chute, PSU, service panel

Monitor bezel, marquee holder, a jaleco mahjong pcb (not hooked it up yet so not sure which. There are apparently 5 mahjong games which use this hardware) and, best of all, a nanao ms7 18 chassis. I swapped this with the poorly one on my candy 18. Unfortunately it has a similar arc in the lopt as my original. It doesn't need to warm up like my other though and the arc in this one doesn't affect play like the other. I'm super happy to finally get hold of this lot since it originally got lost in the post on the way to me.

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