Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New arrival - Mushihime Tama kit

I got this rather nice kit in the post today. There's a ton of stuff in the box (a figure, bundles of flyers, special balltops and loads else). I'll maybe get around to taking some photos some time. For now I've popped it into the candy 18. The new chassis is working but the arc needs looking at I think. Luckily the cab's making its way to replay for the show and there'll be folk there who can give me a little advice on what to do with it.

Over the last couple of days I also moved my cabs around. I wanted to have them all in one room now the winter's drawing in. I tend to not have the heating on in every room. Since cabs don't like cold and damp I thought I'd shift them all together and worry about keeping conditions right in there. I also needed to make space for a new arrival or two I'm expecting in the nearish future... Once replay is over and they're all in one place I may take a line up shot or something.


  1. You know I quite enjoy tama, moreso than some of their shumps even (shocking, I know) -_^

    BTW drop me an email, I have some parts for you!

  2. I don't actually have your email address. Drop me one at

    thom /dot/ jones /at/ gmail

    I've only had a few credits on so far but I'm enjoying it. Music's catchy as hell.