Monday, October 3, 2011

New arrivals - Namco Classics Collection vol 1 and MVS

I had a couple of parcels today. One (which was incredibly poorly packaged) contained this rather nice namco classics collection volume 1 pcb. It contains galaga, xevious and mappy and arranged version of all three. It also plays upside down compared to 99% of all vertical pcbs and has no screen flip option. I'll either tate the aero table or invert the image using the jumpers I think. I primarily got this for the lady friend because she's a big galaga fan. I played an (upside down) test credit on the arrange version of that and xevious and am looking forward to having a proper go. The music on xevious arrange is great!

I also got a nice matrimelee MVS cart. In the parcel was a thrash rally cart too. It wasn't til it got here that I realised I already had one. I could swear I didn't.... Anyway, I'll trade that for a cart I don't have hopefully. This one takes me to 55 / 148 carts owned.

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