Monday, October 17, 2011

New arrivals - MVS and a poorly pcb

I had a couple of parcels delivered today. There was a fair chunk of MVS stuff in there! Two of the kits are complete, the others are complete minus the flyers. The riding hero one has a bunch of cool extras including a giant cloth banner and a suction cup dangler thing. Pretty cool. The two metal slug games came as part of a trade. The others I bought from New Zealand through a most generous kiwi friend.

This lot brings me to 69 / 148 carts. There are also a few mini marquees in there. I haven't picked any up in a bit, I'm happy to add a few more. I do like having them in the U4. I now have minis for 56 / 133 games that had them.

I also received this wonderboy pcb. It's clearly had a bit of work in the past and is currently non working. I'll ship it off for repair soon. That won't be cheap but I got it for a great price. I'm looking forward to getting it up and running. I have a stack of a few pcbs to get repaired now, it'll be a hit on the wallet but it'll be nice to have them running.

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