Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New arrivals - Pony III, aero fighters 2

Isn't it beautiful? This weekend a couple of friends from Arcade Otaku travelled up here from the deep south. They came bearing this beauty. I adore these cabs. I much prefer angular, metal cabs to the plastic bodied candies. I also prefer a 25" or 26" monitor to a 29" for playing shooters. This is pretty much my favourite candy cab design. It's also absolutely spotless. It's had a total overhaul. Powder coating, conversion to 240V, rewire etc. It's had it's original monitor replaced with a 25" toei from a U4. It's a beautiful chassis. I adore this thing. I have ibara in it now and will probably leave it as a dedicated SH3 cab. When they left (after a fantastic few days of gaming) they took away the second aero table. A trade I am very happy with. As is the other party I believe!

They also brought this along. That's 52 / 148 MVS carts.


  1. Wow nice get! I wonder what happened to the U4..

  2. I mean the one the monitor came from ;)

  3. Heh. That's way back in the depths of time several owners ago.

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