Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New arrivals - A couple of pre jamma PCBs

I just recently sold all of my older, pre jamma games or traded them for MVS stuff since I wasn't giving them much play. I prefer newer stuff. Mainly shooters. But the girlfriend has two particular games she adores. These are for her. On the left is Jr Pacman, on the right Ghosts 'n' Goblins. It's really Ms Pacman she'd like but this was a great price so I grabbed it while I could. Both are original boards.

I have some finger boards and stuff on order so I can solder up adapters for these. Jr pacman is supposed to be 100% working. GnG has a few rogue symbols on screen. Once I have the adapter for it I'll have a fiddle and see if there's anything I can do or if I need to ship it off for repair. The price was good enough that even paying for a prety expensive repair won't push the price up above what a worker would have set me back.

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