Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New arrivals - MVS stuff again!!

That's right. Even more of it!

Two great shooters today. Last resort is a loose cart. Blazing star is almost a full kit. It's missing it's mini marquee though and has mismatched serials. I also got the last couple of bits to finish off doing up that other cab I got at the same as the New Astro City. That cab's now up for sale on Arcade Otaku and Jamma+. I'll copy and paste the description here for posterity! Can't be bothered embedding all the pictures though :)


Ok baby for sale. But not just any OK baby. This one has been massively upgraded by swapping the monitor for a lovely, burn free, tosh tube MS9. The finest 15K monitor in the world ever.


The cab's in lovely conditon. Nice and clean. Tiny amount of nibbling to the edges of the side art




A little damage to the coin door is about all that needs reporting Comes with locks and keys for all of them except for the coin door I think


The coin mech and all associated bits (e.g. coin tray) are missing. This was presumably to create room for a MAME pc. It certainly is roomy in the base. At the back you can see an extractor fan. Disconnected currently as unrequired for pcbs but great if you were running a 360 or PC in there


The inbuilt pcb holder is a great touch. One I wish more cabs had


It has an internal 240 2 pin socket which could be used for a MAME PC. The socket with the lead in supplies the 100V for the monitor. The empty one is 240V


Also comes with a stereo amp. The pins in the top left can be placed where they are now for mono sound via the jamma edge or scooted over to the right to provide stereo sound run in through the RCA jacks from a CPS2 board or PC


BTW, this cab features a mighty impressive THREE on / off switches. That's not including the one at the plug socket!

Wiring for the new monitor was done pretty nicely I'd say. not a bodge tape and spit job.


2L 12B panel with all new sticks and buttons (sanwa throughout)


There's one scratch to the CP but that's about it. Nice shiny ashtray or key holder or whatever
Comedy CP sticker from several owners ago remains


Has nice bars to keep the front open and (another genius touch) big handles on the monitor frame. This makes it much easier to rotate the monitor. It weighs 40kg or so but I can comfortably lift it in and out and what not, The monitor rotates very quickly and switching the bezel round only takes a minute too. Very quick process


Dimensions shown here are accurate. At 74 cm wide it will fit through internal doorways (at least mine which are too slim for several other cabs) with no disassembly at all required. One of those three on / off switches makes a cameo in this pic.As you can see this cab also runs off UK mains voltage so no stepdown required


As I said the monitor has been massively upgraded to a tosh tube MS9. It doesn't quite sit flush with the bezel but there's very little light leakage and it isn't really visible since it's under a tinted front pane. The monitor has a few very light surface wisps but zero burn in and, as with all MS9s, a great picture



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