Saturday, August 6, 2011

MVS boot

I got this in the post. It's a boot unfortunately. The seller has kindly refunded me but I thought I'd show you how you can tell.

As you can see the label looks good.

But as soon as you peek in the side it's obvious. You can spot that eprom from 30 paces

Bottom PCB

Top pcb. Try comparing them to the legit ones on mvs scans. You'll see discrepancies in chip placement, text placement and all sorts

The bottom PCB is pretty interesting. They've sacrificed a legit world heros 2 board for this (top board is fully boot). You can see it still has some of the world heros 2 chips in there among the eproms and boot crap. BTW if you see an MX Taiwan chip like the one in the top of that pic your cart is a boot. These are on loads of boots but not a single legit cart

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