Sunday, June 19, 2011


Not too much has been going on this last week. No new arrivals although I have a card for a couple of parcels to collect tomorrow. Fingers crossed they'll be the bits I think they are.

I put my cosmic smash dedicated naomi up for sale. It's sold but not exactly as listed. The buyer is taking the nice repainted base and wiring but with white plastics rather than black and a naomi uni CP rather than the cosmic smash one.

The black plastics are also on their way out though, they're involved in a bit of a trade and purchase I've organised. More on that as it gets completed.

So on their way out:
to person 1) black naomi monitor surround, black cp box upper, white cp box lower, naomi leg covers
to person 2) a naomi shell, complete minus monitor

They'll be going over the next week or so and their replacements will be coming along.

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