Friday, June 3, 2011

New arrival - naomi shells

These were dropped off this morning. It's been a manic few days round here with all the cabs showing up. That's if for now though!

I got these cheap off ebay as empty shells. when I get some time I plan to jamma convert them for sale. I expected totally empty shells with some missing bits etc but actually both have the power inlet, one has a transformer, one has an audio amp and there's a bit or wiring and a spare panel. There'a suprisingly full complement of leg covers, feet and leg covers too. Not bad. Both are missing the coin door but I have a spare for one of them.

Thing's I've noticed so far which need attention:
missing coin doors
one has the central bit between the speakers missing. The bit that folks often use to put out cigarettes on
cracked monitor surround in 1
missing illumination strip in that cab too.

That's all I've noticed so far. They're still wrapped up and on the pallet.

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