Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aero table revival 4

I installed the locks next. No keys for these unfortunately. I also put in the doors, PSU access panel, CP box and coin mech.

With that completed it's time to move onto the lid. The glass is held in place with a small section held in by four bolts. Ensure you place the screws for the mechanism to keep the lid open in their countersunk holes as you attach it.

I then patched up a few little scratches in the black backing of the glass. I used black acrylic paint and a fine brush.

I didn't take so many pictures on the home stretch but here are the steps:

Attach hinges to lid.
Attach the bar that keeps the lid held open for service.
Lift lid into place and carefully attach hinges to cab.
Attach latches in the front edge.

I'd actually put the psu, loom and monitor in before attaching the lid. Much easier to get access. I'll remove the lid again when I get to that stage. It's not too bad doing it with the lid on though.

As of now cab 1 is in this state. Cab two will match it later today once I rebuild it.

Left to do:
test monitor, psu and loom etc out of cab
put in psu, loom etc and secure wiring
put in monitor
put in flimsy bezel last to give you minimum chance of breaking it.

I'll take some more photos when I get round to that bit.

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