Sunday, June 12, 2011

New arrival - Mr driller, cyberlead marquee holder, wiring

I had a few friends over for the day on saturday. They brought a few things for me with them. I'm excited to get the cyberlead properly up and running and put this system 12 mr driller pcb in there. System 12 boards have both jamma and jvs outputs and also special code for dedicated messages on the lcd header in the cyberlead. As well as the pcb and copy arts I also got some wiring and a repro marquee holder from FrancoB (head to arcade otaku and buy one now!) and a mighty fine mint aero mug I'll use to hold coins for my aero table.

The fine gents also gave me a ton of help with the looms in my tables and the monitor and psu in the cyberlead. That monitor looks loads better now. Unfortunately it'll need a new psu since the 5V in this one won't drop below 5.49.

I'll pick that up in the next few weeks.

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