Friday, June 3, 2011

Cyberlead update

I've rebuilt the cab and fixed the wires in the power supply. Good news is it now powers up. Bad news is there are still issues.

The 1 slot has a video RAM error

The 60 in 1 is fine!

The LED header is working fine!

Monitor is unwell :( It makes a bigh pitch buzzing and produces no image. It did briefly produce an image but that disappeared when I pressed the test button and the buzzing returned.

With a jamma pcb connected through the jamma > jvs there's no sound but when I connected a naomi set up (set at 15k) it would play blind. It wouldn't coin up with the coin switch, had to do that with the service button. I guess the chassis needs servicing. Maybe a new monitor required. I have some expert friends coming over soon so I'll get them to have a peek and give me some advice.

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