Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aero table revival 2

I had the powder coated Aero Table pieces delivered to me today. Overall I'm pretty happy with them. The blue is a little off the original (a little brighter) but it's a great colour. There are a couple of minor imperfections but not much. I thought I'd put up a few pictures showing the order I rebuilt one of them. May be useful to someone stripping one down if you follow it in reverse. I'm not saying this is the only order, or even the best order to do it. Just the order I did! For the moment I've just rebuilt the shells. The monitor, psu and wiring will be going in in a week or so's time when I have a few friends over for a little get together who'll be able to lend a hand.

Insert coin counter and the metal shielding above. This was a right pain to get out but snapped back in no problem. The shielding is secured with a screw.
Attach legs. There are three height settings.

Attach pcb board runners
Reattach wire tie ladders. I prised these off when I was stripping the cabs and removed the adhesive pads. I bought some replacement foam with adhesive on both sides and reattached them.

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