Friday, January 27, 2012

New arrivals - MVS goodness and DOJ

This cart arrived the other day along with a nice original mini marquee and flyer. It's Quiz Daisousa Sen. I got the sequel a couple of weeks ago and had a couple of credits on it. It seemed kind of interesting but basically unplayable to me since I can't read Japanese. It's a shame cause there looked to be a couple of interesting things going on.

One more cart and one more mini marquee brings me to 96 / 148 carts and 71 / 133 minis

I also got this rather lovely pcb. The fairly sublime Dodonpachi DOJ by Cave. I cracked open the case to have a look.

The original battery was still on there... Uh oh.

As often happens it had leaked. This is bad news because the acid can eat through the traces and kill the pcb. The battery only saves the soft dip settings so, as long as you don't mind it booting on default settings every time, you can just remove it rather than replace it. I snipped it off and treated that area of the board (top and bottom) with a paste of baking soda and water to neutralise the acid. I then cleaned it up thoroughly and left it overnight to make sure it was totally dry.

It still seems well anyway.

I've got all three cave PGM games now. Once the windy chassis is fixed (it's off for repair at the moment) I think I'll pop them in the three 29" cabs which are lined up together. The graphics are a lot less impressive than the SH3 games but there's something beautiful about the way they look. I like the slightly blocky sprites and the music on all of these three is awesome.

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