Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New arrivals - MVS art and neo print

I had a couple of neo print mobos arrive the other day. The one on the left here is the same as the one I picked up a few months back but the one on the right is a different model. If anyone out there fancies trading me something for one of the matching pair of mobos then let me know. I certainly don't need two of them. If I see any more neo print stuff I'll pick it up if the price is right.

More excitingly I also got these pieces of MVS artwork. There were a few other art pieces in the parcel, these are just the bits I did't already have. I'm going to try and trade the spares for bits I don't already have.

New bits are:
metal slug 2 - complete art set
real bout fatal fury - complete art set
neo bomberman - complete art set
bust a move - one flyer
puzzled - mini marquee
galaxy fight - mini marquee
aero fighters 2 - mini marquee
and a couple generic mvs mini marquees

That's a nice little haul! I hadn't got any new minis for a fair while. With the added 6 in this lot I now have minis for 62 of the 133 games that had them. I have leads on a couple more deals too. Hopefully they'll work out. I have spares sitting here to trade if anyone out there fancies it. Or I'm always happy to buy ones I don't have yet! Let me know if you have any you'd let go of.

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