Saturday, January 21, 2012

New arrivals - MVS cart deluge, mini marquees and a pcb

Over the last few days I had a little flurry of parcels. Most of this stuff came from trades rather than outright purchases. First up, another raizing shooter. This time it's their first: mahou daisakusen. I've only had chance to play a couple of credits since I unpacked it but I like it a lot so far. I'll give it a proper workout over the weekend.

Then I had a couple of parcels of mini marquees. The first through a trade with a guy in Sweden:

And the second delivered from the US:
I was especially happy to get that blazing star mini since it completes my kit.

And finally I got this pile of carts. The majority of them have terrible condition or repro labels and two of them have horrible fake carts but they are all legit pcbs. At some point I'll grab a couple of legit shells and have some nice repro labels printed off for the carts that need them. I'd prefer to just get carts in nice shape but these were available as part of a trade and it was too good an opportunity to pass up really. If the price is good I'll take a sketchy label. Legit pcbs only though. If and when I find a nice original label car for a good price I can always upgrade my copy.

With all of this stuff I now have
92 / 148 carts
68 / 133 mini marquees

So this little lot cracked the half way mark for minis. It'll be a lot harder to track down the ones in the home stretch I'm sure.

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