Thursday, July 26, 2012

New arrivals: SH3 bounty

I had a rather wonderful parcel arrive the other day. It really has been a crazy week for deliveries! In it were this fine pair of SH3 pcbs. I tried to snap a picture with both title screens up but I failed, they were slightly out of sync with each other. If they were on freeplay it'd probably be easier. They're mushihime-sama futari 1.5 on the left and pink sweets on the right: both games that were right near the top of my dwindling list of wanted games. I've played a fair bit of both the last couple of days. I predict they'll be hogging the ponys for a while even with all the other awesomeness which has turned up recently. This burst of buying and trading has given me enough to keep me playing for months and months.

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