Thursday, July 26, 2012

New arrival: another U4

One cab in and one out today. The one to go was the hardest sale I've made, my first cab, the E2. I'll miss it. Taking its place is this MVS U4. I have it sitting facing my other one at the moment, I'd prefer having them side by side I guess like the pair of pony 3s but they won't really fit anywhere like that. It's in need of a good clean and there's a dent to the kickplate that needs sorting but other than that it's OK really. Couple of new buttons perhaps. It has a 4 slot in it at the moment but once the MVS > JAMMA adapter arrives it will be used as a horizontal JAMMA cab. I don't really need 2 MVS cabs but I like the look of pairs of cabs and the monitors in these things are awesome. I'll raid my spare mini marquees tomorrow and fill up the header.

Along with it I picked up the two red stools in the first photo and a couple of MVS carts with nice labels to exchange for two I had with really shoddy / missing labels.