Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New arrivals - More MVS, artwork overload!

I had another two parcels of MVS goodness delivered today. The first contained these three NOS kits and two sets of flyers and dips (breakers and super sidekicks 3). Two of the games I already owned as loose carts. The kits were nicely priced though so I picked them up. I'll sell the loose carts and recoup a fair bit of the money.

I also got this pretty awesome haul of MVS art work. There are flyers and dips for a ton of games here, 90% english with a spattering of spanish stuff. Some of it I was really happy to get. There's are for some quality games there.

With the stuff in those parcels I now have 100 of 148 games and mini marquees for 78 of the 133 games that came with them.

I also got these ROMs delivered. More on them shortly!

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