Sunday, February 12, 2012

New arrivals - A couple more MVS bits

I had these delivered the other day: KOF 99 full JP kit (tatty box), KOF 99 full JP kit (tatty box), KOF 2001 JP cart / box / dips, ASOII cart.

I popped ASOII (aka alpha mission 2) straight into the cab. At the moment I have that, pulstar, ghost pilots and magical drop 3 in there. I'll change it around soon and make it a bit less shooter heavy.

I reckon magical drop 3 / spin master / ASOII / magician lord sounds about what I fancy. I'll swap carts tomorrow to something along those lines.

With this lot I now have 103 / 148 MVS games and mini marquees for 79 / 133 games that came with them.

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