Friday, December 16, 2011

New arrivals - ROM cassettes

As Takashi Nishiyama refers to MVS carts in this rather lovely interview at 1UP. I've heard other folks use the term before. I like it.

I had these five new games turn up today. KOF 2000 / last blade 2 / league bowling / pulstar / super sidekicks 3. I'm especially looking forward to playing pulstar. I can see that being in the U4 for quite a while!

The arts were a nice extra. I already had a last blade mini but I didn't have any paperwork. It's a shame they're holepunched. I wonder why so much MVS art is. I can't think of a real reason why people would do it.

With this bunch I have 80 of the 148 MVS games.


  1. I'm curious about how you get access to all these really cool arcade cabinets and games. Is there an overseas method you're using or is the scene in the UK just very vibrant for people to buy and sell to each other?

  2. A lot of it I got from people in the UK but I've imported a few cabs and bought a fair few pcbs from overseas. Mostly I buy within the UK though.

  3. Sounds nice! It's really cool that you're able to do all this. Hope you continue to be fortunate with it all!