Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Innundated with awesomeness

Today I was deluged wih goodness. In no particular order, the postal folk gave to me:

Espgaluda 2 poster

ketsui poster

Ketsui and Armed Police Batrider pcbs

The majority of an ESPGaluda kit

ESPGaluda II kit
An original E2 Marquee holder

Blue's Journey MVS cart and a pile of buttons. With that cart I now own half of the MVS games.

That's an incredible selection of shooters. Three of the four pcbs were in my top 10 most wanted list. But they came at a price. In order to get hold of them (and not bankrupt myself) I let go of my aero table and a few aero related bits and pieces I had. It pained me to see it go but I certainly got some awesome bits and bobs in return. It all happened in a bit of a whirl. Me and the other end of the trade arranged a deal really quickly and within 18 hours of shaking electronic hands it was gone. Quick and sharp probably was best. No long, drawn out goodbyes.

The aero table was a really beautiful cab. I'll miss it. Especially after all the hours and effort I put into it. If I ever own another cocktail table it will be a Jaleco Table Pony. Unless the lady friend talks me into a ms pacman cocktail. If there's ever one for sale near here it may end up heading this way. She's fanatical!

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  1. Hi ! Where I can to buy An original E2 Marquee holder ?
    I too am interested
    thanks !!