Saturday, March 24, 2012

New arrivals - Raiden Fighters 2 + Nam 1975

Things have been a little slow here recently. Not much arriving. Life's been kind of stressful and money's a little tight so I haven't bought so much. I got this pair the other day though.

First up a raiden fighters 2 cart. I could do with another mobo recently since I don't much like the idea of swapping carts too often. I've been after one of these for a fair while. I now have all the seibu shooters on pcb. I think the full list goes like so:
air raid
raiden 2
raiden dx
viper phase 1 (I just have the NV)
raiden fighters
raiden fighters 2
raiden fighters jet

I also had this NAM 1975 cart turn up. That brings me to 118 / 148 MVS games. I have a couple more en route too.

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