Friday, March 2, 2012

New arrivals - MVS goodness

Three parcels of neo geo goodness turned up over the last day or two. All together it's a pretty awesome haul.

Ninja master's - full English kit, matching serials (writing on the box lid sadly)
World Heroes Perfect - matching english cart and box with move strips (no mini, flyers or dips)
Karnov's Revenge - full english kit, matching serials
Samurai Showdown - full english kit, matching serials
KOF 2003 - full kit, matching serials
breakers revenge bare cart
galaxy fight bare cart.

The English NM kit is the jewel here. I actually picked it up in two chunks - a matching cart and box and the art set separately. It's generally talked about as the most expensive MVS kit I think.

I also got this art -
chibi marukochan deluxe quiz - complete art set with mini marquee
and minis for
karnov's revenge
neo drift out
neo mr do
ninja master's
panic bomber
prehistoric isle 2
twinkle star sprites

Nearly all of this art is NOS. The karnov's and NM minis are from the kits. There are some really nice ones in this bunch.

Some of these pieces upgraded bare carts or faded minis. With the addition of this bunch I now have 114 / 148 MVS games and minis for 98 / 133 games that came with them.

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  1. Nice gets Thom. Not much more to get before a complete set :)