Saturday, September 24, 2011

New arrivals - stunning monitors, CPS2, MVS

I had a couple of these dropped off yesterday.

These are almost certainly the best CRT monitors money can buy. The NEC XM29. They have the same toshiba 29" tube as an E2 etc and an autoswitching multisync chassis. Bags of inputs and a fantastic remote with tons and tons of functionality. I fully expect the picture quality to be jaw dropping. I haven't actually got any kettle leads now I've sold all of my naomis. I was pretty gutted when I took this one out of its flightcase and realised wouldn't be able to have a play til I tracked one down. I'll post so more pics when I have them up and going. I bought threee altogether, only two of which are here at the mo. One's for me, one for a friend and a third for resale.

I also had these to collect from the post office today. A beautifully hardcore shooter for my hori cab the NAC) and another MVS cart. That makes 54 / 148 MVS games I now have. I've heard panic bomber isn't great but I'm looking forward to giving it a whirl. Boot case and label but the pcbs are legit.

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